Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Once on this Island" Call Back Information

Dear Friends,

Thank you all for auditioning this past Saturday for Once on this Island.  

The show will be terrific and we are looking forward to working with you all.  

Before the cast list goes up, there will be call backs for just a few people this Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. in the HS Choral Room.

Each person listed below has a specific song that they need to prepare.  Learn the song to the best of your ability.  

The second part of the audition process will be to create a "bio" from the list of characters listed below.  The "bio" will be shared with the group on Tuesday.  

Have fun and be creative!

Ti Moune-Peasant girl, with childlike innocence
Agwe-God of Water
Erzulie-Goddess of Love
Papa Ge-Demon of Death
Asaka-Mother Earth

(Next to your name is the song you need to prepare.   Good luck!)

Spencer Robbins-"Ti Moune"
Sarah Owens-"Ti Moune"
Cailyn Pacuraru-"Ti Moune", "Mama will Provide"
Aury Krebs-"Waiting for Life"
Hannah Hirschhorn-"Mama will Provide", "Human Heart"
Olivia Federici-"Ti Moune"
Shannon Stillmun-"Mama will Provide"
Brittany Schadel-"Mama will Provide"

*Leon Siguenza-Just provide a bio on Agwe
*Will Blankin-Just provide a bio for Papa Ge


  1. Hello Everyone,

    Thanks again for being part of the show. I will see you all Tuesday.

    Take Care,


  2. After the call backs Tuesday night, the cast listed will be posted on our blog!

    Don't forget to stay connected...become a "follower".

    Sign on today!