Tuesday, May 20, 2014

JMS/HS Vocal Department Schedule of Final Music Projects

Music Project Schedule

Vocal Experience
May 28th

May 29th

May 30th
Caitlin, Jon, Mike and Charlie,

June 2nd-CD’s Due
         Richard, Emily D., Andrew F.

June 3rd.
Madison and Cassie, Ashley, Rena, Mel, Raegan/Robin/Mel

June 4th 
Julia Co., Abby, Nicole, Teddy and Steven Koz

June 5th 
Emilio, Clare, Maggie D. and Co.

Music Projects  H.S.
May 28th-Evan Hentz,

June 2nd 
Naomi G., Basil/Alicia,

June 3rd 
Sara/Maria/Alette, Alicia, Dan (birthday boy), Jesse/Triese

June 4th 
Ryan K., Tim/Rory, Rachel (Bob Marley)

June 5
Jonathan B., Mia/Mimi, Ethan/Avery, Alicia/Avery

Music Project Scheudle

June 2nd-CD’s Due:
Daniel W., Mike, Kyle, Bella, Dana, Olivia, Jason

High School:
Stacey C., Casey L., Taylor S., Kimberly, Christina, Sophie, Chelsea, Olivia M., Anna Sofia O., Carl R.

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